Our Company

ELP COMERCIO EXTERIOR is a company focused on excellence of the clients, suppliers and partners attending, always seeking the best logistics options for shipments, searching for the best prices and products and completely structuring everything related to the export process.

The foreign trade segment is very dynamic and the companies need to be aware to ensure the compliance of the customs legislation requirements in order to assure an excellent service.

All the requirements are taken into account: Shipment mode option, freight quotation, insurance and other shipping expenses, research with our suppliers in order to guarantee the compliance of technical specifications, comparative budgets, special packaging needs for exporting, warehousing of goods, issurance of shipping documents, all documents checking, coordination and shipment with the freight forwarders, customs brokers, representatives and importers.

In search of continuous improvement, the whole work team goes through constant external and internal training, as well as specific courses to ensure continuous updating and technical improvement.

With its know-how, ELP offers an outsourced export department to those suppliers with no intention and/or availability of maintaining their own structured department, as keeping up this department within a company requires costly, dedicated employees, training, adequate facilities, support the tax legal, accounting, and expertise.

By outsourcing the operational and coordination processes, and all the peculiarities related to foreign trade will be handled by ELP, generating savings to the supplier, besides providing him not to lose focus on what he does not dominate.

For being a well-structured company, ELP offers an excellent cost benefit, because it can ensure good prices maintaining high-level quality through reduced operational costs, streamlined staff and through partnerships with freight forwarders, shipping, customs agents, and fumigation companies, among others.

The solidity, seriousness and commitment of the company ensure suppliers, customers and partners, total peace of mind in the management of the export process, from initial quotation to the receipt of goods by the customer who will periodically receive information about the status of the process.

For continuous enhancement, staff is always attentive to receive and analyze the customer’s feedback, to improve the procedures and meet the specific needs of each customer and product.

Our work policy is focused on results, efficiency, effectiveness, agility, commitment, optimization, seeking to be a facilitator to successful exporting.


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